Our mission is to make innovative, cool, and exciting toy products for fans of all ages...because we play too!

How else do you create the best toys?!

At Well Played Toys, We are FANS FIRST!

Who We Are

Well Played Toys is a fast growing toy company with a portfolio of properties that


Well Played Toys is a division of Gener8 with headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana.

We specialize in toy design, sourcing, development and manufacturing.

Well Played Toys was formed in 2014 when two toy industry guru's joined forces.

Their aim was to build a toy company that is innovative, creative and a fun place to work

in order to bring cool and unique ideas to the toy market that gain major geek appeal!

The vision started with a passion for toys, to create not only what kids want but what adults want too! As our team continues to grow, there is one rule that stays true, we are fans first!

Our team consists of pop culture enthusiasts, gamers, and just cool people that love what they do!

Well Played Toys Headquarters

1901 W. 16th Street

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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